K pop and the foreign influences on it.

K pop

K pop, or Korean pop music culture is a global phenomena that connects eastern culture to western culture, creating some sort of cross- culture practices in which both sides will extract certain criteria of the culture and apply it into their own culture, creating a new kind of hybrid culture (Hunt, 2016). One of the major sections that has been applying this adaptation is none other than K pop itself.

Based on the Guardian article, K pop boy bands have distinctive features such as v-shaped cheek bones, interesting hairstyles and fashionable stage outfits. K pop is a huge cultural phenomena in east and south-east Asia. Most of the K pop groups seemed flawless on stage, performing their songs with perfect vocal harmony along with some energetic and complex and flashy dance choreography. However, every success comes with great sacrifices. For such instances, they have strict schedule for their routine- their day starts with a wake-up call in 5 45 am before six hours of extensive dancing practice and “individual talent” practice (Hunt, 2016)

The foreign Influences

Seo Taiji and the Boys was one of the very first Korean groups to appreciate and include the elements of rap music and hip-hop into South Korean pop music. They have conquered the new music component that has became most of the “Western” pop music (Anderson, 2014).From this statement, we can conclude that K pop music is not an original music genre. It consist of several foreign influences such as Hip Hop genre from America. Aside from that , we can notice that most of the k pop songs today sounds awfully similar to western pop musics and they  always include English words in their lyrics. One of the music videos that was famous because of the English lyrics was Girl’s generation’s “Gee Gee” music video.


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